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DURABLES Toys - Size Guide

These toys are not chew toys or indestructible.

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After two years in development, Red Dingo DURABLES soft dog toys are guaranteed to be more durable than the toughest fabric dog toys currently available. Made from super strong, but gentle on teeth, certified non-toxic material. Red Dingo DURABLES have been tested to the extreme and outperform other fabric dog toys for tear, cut & puncture resistance. These toys are not indestructible and therefore are not intended as a chew toy. Supervise use and remove if damaged.
  • Super Durable Toys
    Super Durable Toys
    Made from our top-secret soft but ultra-durable fabric.
  • Gentle on Teeth
    Gentle on Teeth
    Our fabric is strong yet gentle on teeth for games like fetch and catch. Not a chew toy.
  • Non-Toxic
    Certified non-toxic materials and printing. Meets or exceeds EN-71 children's toy safety standards.
  • Lightweight and Floats
    Lightweight and Floats
    Designed to be a lightweight toy suitable for indoor play. They also float in water!
  • Machine Washable Toys
    Machine Washable Toys
    Our DURABLES toys are machine washable (max. 40°C/100°F). Inks will fade in the wash.
  • Designed in Australia
    Designed in Australia
    Designed and tested in Australia.
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What are Red Dingo DURABLES made from?

Our DURABLES toys are made from a super strong and non-toxic (secret) synthetic material. The inks we use have been independently tested and are certified to be non-toxic.

My dog is a chewer, can they play with these toys?

Although strong, our toys will not withstand heavy chewing. Our toys are intended for interactive play such as tug-o-war.

Do these toys have a squeaker?

Yes, these toys have a squeaker. For a squeaker-free toy see our DURABLES Balls range.

What does the guarantee cover?

We guarantee our DURABLES toys will outlast all other fabric toys when played with accordingly. These toys are not chew toys. Supervise use and remove from play if damaged.

My dog destroyed your toy, can I get a refund?

No fabric toy is indestructible, especially if dogs are left to chew them. If your dog has played with one of our toys in an interactive manner and it has not met your expectations please contact the retailer where you purchased it from. Refunds are given at the retailer's discretion.

Can dogs play with these toys outside?

Yes, Red Dingo DURABLES are perfect for both indoor outdoor play. These toys are machine washable.

How big are these toys?

Measurements vary by toy design, but they are suitable for play with all size dogs.

Red Dingo DURABLES toys are machine washable (max. 40°C/104°F). Airdry flat on a drying rack. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron.


Note: fading of the inks may occur when washing and with heavy use.

We guarantee our DURABLES range of soft toys will outlast all other fabric dog toys. Our fabric toys are made to withstand rough play such as tug-of-war.


These toys are not chew toys or indestructible. Our guarantee does not cover chewing or misuse. If your dog is a chewer, we recommend you give them a toy intended for chewing.


Product Features


Guaranteed Durability

We guarantee our toys will outlast all other fabric dog toys when played with as recommended.

These are not chew toys or indestructible. See our guarantee for details.


Puncture Resistant

Enjoy endless play with our puncture-resistant fabric, ideal for tug-o-war!


Dirty Toy?

Simply throw it in the washing machine and air-dry. Fading may occur with multiple washes.


Recycled Stuffing

We use stuffing made from 100% recycled PET bottles.